Investing with Paragon Homes

The objective of Paragon Homes is to form long term connections with real estate investors. Our interest does not rest in an individual project altogether, but rather a long term relationship to develop a series of strategic developments in the greater Houston area.

What is the reward for Paragon Homes?
What does the Investor receive in return?

MINIMAL RISK. The investor owns the property 100%. Paragon Homes only collects compensation upon the sale of the property. As the home will be built at cost, with no builder mark-up, the investor would own a home at 20% to 30% below market price.

PREMIUM RETURN. The profit from the sale of the home will be divided with Paragon Homes. Projected revenues average between 8% to 15%.

RESIDUAL SALES. Any additional sales produced from the development of properties will pay increased returns to the investor with zero risk of any kind.

Strategic Projects:
There are numerous strategic ventures which, targeted in the ever expanding Houston market, may involve: