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Our Ideal Client
Our ideal client is looking for a builder with the skill to select a partner for the design and construction of their home. Our clients are very well educated and informed, having very specific ideas about the design elements of their homes. They also rely on design and construction professionals to guide and consult them through the execution of their vision. Our best projects are a collaboration of professionals, working under a common vision set by our clients, yet having enough creative freedom to contribute their ideas in an open team environment.

Our ideal client is realistic about their budget. They expect value and beauty for their money, and they also understand that value is more than just low price. Value is a combination of price, quality, service, operating costs of the home, maintenance costs, and resale value.

Our ideal client engages us early in the design phase of the home. A key focus for us during the design phase of the home is the budget. This is when the budget for the home is best addressed. Every home we design should be beautiful, but it should also be designed around the client’s budget. The most common mistake, and the most painful mistake, that we encounter in the custom home business, is made by clients who engage the architect or designer before selecting the builder.

The tendency with an inexperienced client working with an architect is to over design the home or to oversize the home, or both. Some architects are better at understanding construction costs, but no one is as qualified as the builder to provide design guidance from a cost perspective. You do not want to be the person who spends $5,000, $10,000 or more on the design of your home, only to find that the cost far exceeds your budget. This happens all too often and is easily prevented with early builder involvement.

Our ideal client is not dropping off a set of plans to several builders for “free” cost estimates. These “free” estimates are not free to the builders and if done right, can take several days of their time. This is the classic example of “it is worth what you paid for it”. These plans are generally dropped off without a set of specifications, leaving it up to the imagination and the scruples of the builder to guess and assume what the client wants in their home. The quality of the estimate will be proportional to the amount of time you spend with the builder getting to know them and communicating to them your ideas about your home.

Our ideal clients want a better home, in all aspects, and are looking for an experienced builder that understands all value components of a custom home.