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About Us
We strive for complete transparency in our method and believe that our clients should know where each dollar is being spent, should they wish. We utilize a state of the art project tracking and communication tool to manage our projects. See the demo. This tool is used to communicate with our clients from the initial design phase activities throughout the project and is continued to be used throughout the warranty period. The tool is used to post pictures of the home, the construction budget and schedule, any change orders, warranty issues, etc.

We obtain competitive bids on each project that we do. This provides assurance to our clients that they are getting the lowest possible pricing from reputable subcontractors. Further, the volume of business that we do enables us to deliver our homes at lower prices than most builders in this market.

Every home should be beautiful, inside and out. However, for us, the inside includes what is inside the walls, the parts of the home that make them livable, from a comfort and entertainment perspective, as well as the energy efficiency of the home. We address energy efficiency at many levels, including different methods of insulation, window location and selection, landscaping, roofing materials, HVAC design and efficiency, and integration of all components into home automation systems.

The choice of your builder is a very important decision and should not be done quickly. We welcome the opportunity to get to know you, explore your ideas on your dream home and to provide our guidance in the design and construction of your home. A typical project, including design and construction, can often take nine to twelve months, or more. Clients should take the time to get to know the builder.